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his clothes

power of the dragon, once easy to fall into their handsMBT Shoes UK cloudy, and then to come back is not easy.
Easy to see Eric to win in almost easy cloudy pleasure in extending claws to catch than her claws large number of times Eric's hand, jumped on a force his arm, made a probe Roland grimace: "play attack, the bad guys! shame!"
The face of accusations of child generally sound naive, Roland feel wronged: "I am a thief, ah, the good, of course, assassination, Shall I confront head-on with a swordsman?" So unreasonable that the employment discrimination.
Eric picked up easily with one hand cloudy, turn over, Roland suddenly up and alert, he withdrew the dagger, turn the bag from the waist tied out in a few objects, is his usual props, ready to respond to offensive and defensive.
Eric did not go past, only visual size of the window a bit recently, holding easily cloudy walked over, ready to jump out.
Billions of stars and easy cloudy already down, he did not go ignored, or left to left Easley Roland will do.
Easy to look cloudy strange pulling his sleeve: "What you do not catch the guy?"
Eric shook his head: "No, this is his profession, and Easley actually deceived by this trick the past, he too used to smooth the capacity of poor emergency, this is a lesson for him." He about the heels, and suddenly does not feel right, looked down on the ground only to find there a neat cut marks.
This layer is then looked at the tower to the center white bed, a few marks off road cross straight forward, has spread from the bed to the ground, and then spread to the wall ... ...
The construction of a solid stone tower, is slowly, staggered down the rift.
Roland also noted that this situation, his face pale, I think of one thing: "I remember, there is a legend, hundreds of billions of stars, who can play out the full potential of Wojian ... ..."
Once with the sword, are human or Elf girl, the greatest strength of the body is limited, but easy to cloudy is ... ... Long ah.
In other words, this sturdy stone tower, hundreds of billions of stars and the Dragon in the dual role, as the boy locked the chains in general, be as open as the tofu.
Chapter XXII does not make a happy combination of the dragon
Updated 2008-12-6 23:08:12 Word Count: 2340
Prior to this, the dragon had been armed with billions of stars, the Dragon has always been strong on their own body, their own is unmatched weapons, no props, the external things are nothing but icing on the cake, so no one knows, if a Only the dragon holding hundreds of billions of stars, so it was hundreds of billions of stars turned into a full force of nature leads to a sharp sword, the situation will be like something.
But now Eric and Roland know.
- Roland has tested the strength of stone pagoda, he uses the sharp sword, both tried thorn down, can not be left on the wall of the tower as big as a grain of sand in the wounds.
The tower as early as easy to cut chains when Flanders was Jianfeng completely cutting out the remainder of potential, but because of the sharp degree unimaginable, though open, but still maintained the same as the original intact shape , but Roland and Eric just made a round of battle, the slight vibration to break the seal of the balance, also followed the tower to collapse.
That is, the power of the dragon.
Eric and Roland, as one quickly on each other to see each other in the eyes of surprise and horror, but now is not a sigh when the next second, they both think, was abandoned after Rowland stunned the five bottom of the tower entourage and the High Priest, if the tower collapsed, they will follow to be buried.
"Here to you." To the left, then Roland, Eric has been carried to the long legs carried to close the window back, easy to get hold of his arm cloudy, said to her: "bear with me."
Flanders did not react easily how the matter, the body instantly changed by the static action, but fortunately she was very careful to hold Eric, just a slight discomfort, slight dizziness after a man came to the tower will be a dragon at the bottom.
The tower on the left in Roland, he is only the helpless eyes to remain stable sitting on the bed do not seem to know what has happened in the U.S. juvenile black hair: "Lin Qi is not it?" To play for the name easy to Flanders, he read up some hard to pronounce, "I guess I told you, you would not understand ... ... in order to survive, and as I go."
Purple hair thieves can be said almost to himself by the way finished, LIN Qi, stuffed, even with a man in stature over the windows is still light as ever, directly from the position near the top of the tower and jumped down .
Nimble and flexible in the tower body riding a few times, Roland landing lightly as a cat, looked up and looking back, he just saw a little lower in the window, one after another was thrown out of the human form objects.
Humanoid objects to fall on the accuracy of more than ten meters away from the canopy tower on the outside.
Eric tower, holding his hand and easy cloudy, with their feet to stir up the people on the ground unconscious after they throw it out the other hand, good news is the last time Roland came downstairs, five servants and the High Priest are placed together, eliminating the need for Eric to find the effort.
Provoke a lost one, this series of actions coherent and smooth, like the six stars in Lianzhu be thrown out when Eric also followed out of the window, easy to fall on the ground.
And this scene, it just looked into the eyes of Roland.
Although slightly more cumbersome process, but also has amazing strength of the people, the blink of an eye with a man escaped from the tower is not too difficult.
Remembered that he was the legendary treasure of billions of stars and the other left in the tower, distressed look down endless loss of forest thieves Qi, the body slightly bow, intended to take it back to the tower, but he has not action, after the collar was if someone were pulling a bit.
"Run." Eric Roland just pull it and then just hold LIN Qi, the body as the cosine of an arrow toward a place away from the shot to the tower.
As he has just landed, even too big cracks in the tower, he suddenly felt as if he showed little understanding of the existence of a force is continuously circulated from the bottom out of the tower, which is the High Priest said, I have been with powerful evil dark atmosphere of the site.
That power had been blocked with silence, but easy toMBT Shoes Sale  cut open the tower cloudy, as if to open a Pandora's box ... ...
Although Eric moves quickly, but still fast, but that kind of force, Rowland is facing the tower, and he only pouring out the bottom of the tower to see the colors of various flowers, fast fire in the general shop as screens to start an instant Roland had no, and then it ran out of the San Sibu for Eric to catch up.
Gorgeous flash of light exploded in the forest does not create a small movement, and even alarmed by false misleading guide out Easley and others chasing the same time, Easley also wake up to themselves cheated.
When they return to view, the original stands a tower where only the remnants of a pile of rubble at the moment, they search around, respectively, outside the ruins of a dozen to tens of meters found scattered outside the few followers and High Priest, but but how can not find Roland, Eric, tower shadow the U.S. Junior and easy cloudy.
************************************************** *************
"What the hell What is this place ah!"
Black, white paws clutching Paojiao, easy to vent equally cloudy ascribed tower beautiful boy shouted, the latter also learn of her voice, she repeated the words: "What the hell What is this place ah!" but, somewhat less undulating tone a bit strange.
After listening to this strange artificial echo, easy cloudy hung his head in dismay: "Good luck, Eric is not."
Just now, being surrounded by screens that after a strange road, there will be an extremely powerful force, abruptly separated from her and Eric, and she hurried into little claws clung to the cloth, and then they faint the past, woke up, she saw his claws, is the black mage robes Qi Lin, and Eric is missing.
They now lying in a wood, this piece is too vast sea of ??trees, and so easy to judge themselves in cloudy or even which part.
Gengrang upset her that Eric is not her this time around, but the guy with her looks than her needs taken care of.
"You two do not call, and then told, and perhaps will lead to the beast." Purple hair thieves stroking his forehead, and slowly out of the trees.
Easy cloudy saw Roland, LIN Qi, immediately dodge hide behind, grabbing claws also forced the Master robe hem, this is the most disturbing factor in her, came here with them, even she has been discriminated against professional workers.
Roland stroking a little pain on the forehead, said the results of their own to check it around: "Here the soil and the environment is very different from our previous walk, be sure that we at least to the sea, another piece of the tree from the forest, if I'm not mistaken, the strange magic screens should be a defense, and few people can be extremely highly involved in the space system, the intruder can send to others. "
"I turned around looked, blond who did not see your companions, he might be more bad luck, transported to another place."
Cloudy suddenly full of sympathy and easy: to be abandoned in the vast sea of ??trees, if not met someone else, Eric will be lost to death.
XXIII Silent Forest
Updated 2008-12-7 0:04:23 Words: 2185
Only two of them to determine where a dragon, easy cloudy sound young children, old-fashioned sigh: "hey, why is now in trouble with this guy?" She really missed Eric.
Roland glanced at her, blankly authentic: "I'm sorry Oh, I was a annoying thieves."
No matter how reluctantly, easy to cloudy or had to temporarily work together with Roland, though in front of purple hair may be malicious thieves, but slightly better than Lin Qi, reliable point.
Eric Flanders is not how easily the safety concern, with his sword, even to the forest in any one place, are able to survive, but can not find the way Bale.
Roland went around the probe when the way back to pick up some dead wood, piled together, ready to fire, compared to the ease of the body intact cloudy and Lin Qi, he was more unlucky, just the place to be sent in a pool of water in front of the top not only the wet clothes, not accidentally knock a puddle at the end of the brow of stone.
Fortunately, portable tool bag did not leave, remove from the water pocket flint, graze touched off dead wood, deep purple Roland lowered eyes, thinking about how to act next step should be.
Although he was knowledgeable, but not proficient in magic, after all, not to mention the layout of the tower, is the continent of space can be described as a rare magic, not to mention him, even the ordinary magician, all of its not well understood.
And therefore he could not tell, they are now the location of how far away from stone pagodas, and they now which is located among a sea of ??trees.
This sea of ??trees large enough general vast as the sea, and among the sea of ??trees, not everywhere is like he and Easley, who previously as safe way to go smooth, the tree has a very mysterious sea dangerous place, he Now only one worried about just entered a dangerous area.
When thinking in Roland, the fire to burn quickly up strong, Roland rushed, stop and ponder, turn off his clothes and going to dry and set off through the hedge in the most tight inside, he heard the young The child voice screamed, migraine looked, but turned shy snow Bai Xiaolong, paws clutching his eyes Evil.
"Hey ... ..." the face of this situation, Roland felt very helpless, so easy to cloudy, which makes him feel like there is exposure to addiction of nymphomania, "ah you are a dragon, a dragon does not care about human beings wear clothes What to do? "
Easy to snort a little cloudy: "You have to know that I am female Dragon."
Really do not want to see and easy to make such a cloudy actions suggest that he is nymphomania, Roland finally compromise, with his clothes in the fire side of the banner of a barrier between him blocking and easy cloudy.
Grilled clothes, Roland brought Eric: "That is MBT Shoes Clearance called Alvin's do not know how to, I hope he does not transferred to the sea of ??trees in a dangerous place to teach."
Easy is not worried Flanders: "OK, we still worry about our own right, Eric ... ..
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the stairs

ge and then.
I Pianguo Tou casually asked: "When show to LuoyangCheap MBT Shoes  security?"
Danjue his hand fine meal, lightly: "Soon, recently arrived."
Is "recently"? Is it to show sooner Plains Palace, Pei Yan Chen was afraid I would not renowned for familiar faces into the palace, and therefore show that the more concealed, they must show up? Meng person ... ... read on

Tiger is also l
Now I want to thin one, had just come back over taste - the original, he had it dug a well, a good cloth Bureau, from start to finish with his calculations of both, only to abandon the well and so I'm willing to jump. "Cunning

! "I bite on his shoulders. Mouth, the side chest echoed by smile, humming.
】 【Special episode
    Notorious? Divide the total?
Luoyang city, who do not know the heart of his beloved wife Zhongzhou princes, or even pass people faint, Central Plains because of the king is lost before the Princess Regent of the place, lost power in a country with robust

However, after all based on hearsay evidence, the person who is not involved, where known the details, but right when the eclectic chi gossip passed around Bale thing.
Say that the person most clearly aware of the matter, afraid not that big guards Plains Palace Exhibition of more of the first class. But with the Academic Development King of the more then all the way from Yangzhou prefect when the two rivers Governor, mutiny the capital to the camera

G King, and finally sudden change of position from the drop regent to the king today Luoyang Plains. Therefore, can be described as aware of chronology.
Show more seems in accordance with, princes lost princess of a country to ensure that the truth is!
Royal Highness then lost the night fire in Luoyang, back alleys in the inn to be found of his Royal Highness, the prince lost his mind will see the general holding a length of tearing the sleeves, I met him after the first sentence is "wonderful children

, Is the wonderful child! ", The order blocked gate of Luoyang directions. Discrepancy is prohibited women children, collecting ordered side of the city of Luoyang tailor draper, vowing to find out who the clothes and where to send the CD.
Royal Highness went on to the White Horse Temple to burn incense to worship, and then think about it, in fact, are all far because of Dangjinshengshang Song I set up guidelines for the dark line overtly or covertly, the Princess Royal Highness the mountains coincidence. Royal Highness glass transparent mind, but also

How could not see? However, what is real than the Princess, accompanied by side Gengrang princes heart it? Earlier, since the princess died in an arrow before the princes, the princes bearish put a lot of power. Mo

That power is also seen indifference of life and death.
Royal Highness Princess perfunctory known to him only when he did not know, know Princess fool with him, they willingly are deceiving deception, from beginning to end, only willing to exchange for the princess so sincere. The

, The prince was captured during the exile of Luoyang, although the body may remove the vestiges of medicine prescriptions eyes see again, yet losing weight, the more aware of their sleepless nights Suozhi show.
Show more thought, princes This time amounts to a throwing day ho posted to a country for the note, press only Princess can change their mind.
Royal Highness Princess This time I was not much thought to live up to a few months later, it really far with the Seiko on Luoyang. Princes out there do not say, but show more knowledge, so that he concealed the reason why princes, they must show up at the king

Princess before, but is renowned for fear of familiar faces I'm sorry princess.
Show more thought, Royal Highness Princess is some charm of two couples, one for the blind, a loaded dumb, so competing then after a few months to ... if not jump up out of a lantern that day, daddy's baby girl mistaken, these two

People still do not know to sing opera so they get the monkey to refer Ma months.
Speaking of that baby girl a few years wanted to come to life is doomed to some sources with the palace that day, the child's Qindie led her back after her dad did two years before they contracted serious illness, dying and the princes

To that of suet stuffed in the baby girl bracelet arms to receive her next to Mr. Word Analysis defected on the Plains Palace Royal Highness. Royal Highness was not in Fuchu, poor Princess see the child, then has it as their adoptive daughter,

Ten years is a dependent.
In fact, the development of more private thought, RoyalMBT Shoes Highness Princess couple always wanted with the birth of a well-behaved and lovable daughter, but since the Princess of the blood is very strong family, a few years off, except for the heir, the succession had two actually

Are male, princes princess joy but also somewhat of heart regret. Therefore the righteous women to be very affectionate, daughter Barbara as general and sometimes even than the little master to be both cordial.
In short, the more I show the day of Royal Highness Princess flies fairly happy, except for the occasional accident ... ...
One of these accidents, some of His Majesty from time to time will be sent to the palace and beautiful dancing girls, the actor, even the palace there are many servants in the selection of gift of His Majesty, His Majesty sent the maid no other features, the only

One feature - the United States! His Majesty maintained in such a small heart, mind, how could not see more development, but which means looking at the prince will make a beautiful day to sanity fans, the Princess will be ... ...
Unfortunately, the development of more that His Majesty's desire is good, but the outlook for ... ... long way to go ah!
The second accident, the city of Luoyang is well known princes wife, Empress Dowager of dangerous women since ancient times, is Xishi Tan had his ilk are beautiful, and my own eyes Princess of the civilian population may face less of another person

Less, is, put the outside world looks travels marvelous princess!
Han Shou Tou Xiang, Yu-phase, such as theft. Academic palace walls from time to time we have to pile higher, because the roots are always willing to lack some fortune tellers to get a look to learn that Bo's lecher thief climbed the wall into the

House, trying to glimpse the real capacity Princess. Royal Highness for that matter very angry. Princess has no alternative.
In fact, the more this show for many years to look down the Princess looks not beauties, but nothing more elegant, there is an only pair of water hyacinth can not tell the taste, as His Majesty said that year, if

Princess brought back by the end of eye slanting it a look, Rao is the stone people, is also intended to provoke Attachment.
    Liaozhai demon? Oolong case?
Song third son always felt, Shen Miao people in his memory in this shiny appearance with some supernatural fantasy color, complicated and confusing.
That year, a lot of beard Shen Venerable Master Kao's eightieth birthday, Song I far-old, stay in bed early in the morning pretending to be attempted, unveiled by the Song master picked up from the bed quilt Shen Offering Felicitation to come and go. Fortunately, his father brought

Shen magistrate said he was lucky a few words not much longer after his arrest, leaving Song far I slid Shen Loach general play after the garden.
Shen flower garden literally round, but could not see a figure, Song I spent much destroy a while to catch butterflies just keep playing, will feel no charm, lying under a clump of Huayin sleep. Sweet is sleep when intoxicated

After the burst of vision is sometimes itchy ears, opened my eyes, but it is a whole body of the cat lying on a golden flower crossfall nutation Sam leaned on, stretched claws scratch his ears, see him wake up, abruptly but rather scare

Live branches on the leap from that floor, secretly glanced at him turn around and ran.
Huang Song I had half a day with great difficulty taking it every much a living thing a little more interesting, naturally refused to let go, got up and then chase the cat. After seven Shui eight bends, watched from the cat is getting closer and I Song Yuan

Minato crept up, but also learn to meow softly, "meow meow ... ... ... ..." call the two, trying to lure the cat to stop.
The cat did not want to jump in a couple of flowers, it surprisingly turned Portal month, not disappeared, far from awaiting Song I upset, the next moment, after it was stuck on Portal head a little, "small

Brother, is that you calling me? "
But see the corner that the cat disappeared the size of a baby three years old, a bright red Xiaoao it is truly gratifying, and that a brown face is a gray sticky do not know anything, mud,

Or taffy? Face is always dirty, sparse hair yellow, barely Zhaqi the pigtail has some fine scattered hairs in the knot outside the short, the sun look at the past, a mass of hairy. How to see how

What like a cat ... ...
Song six seats away stunned for a moment, the first thought is: ah! Change cat person, witch! The second thinking about how to have such a ugly monster? Wet nurse all came to the United States not to say that fairies do?
Miao Shen-year-old song I can not fathom what the natural far-year-old-old are thinking, just bite the mouth of the candied fruit, the hawthorn was round and large in its mouth, wondering to jump on the stairs staring at the two seats away Song

Look, "Little brother, you have to play with me?" Lisp MBT Shoes Clearance chewing candied fruit to introduce myself. "My name is wonderful ... ... ... ... meow"
Sure enough, a cat demon! Song I draw a conclusion far.
Song Sangong children like the little girl since childhood, in him, the little girl i

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